About Me

Starting in my 20’s, a dedication to self reflection and self realization through psychotherapy and a consistent Yoga practice is what “saved me”. These practices enabled me to pursue my dreams, have healthy interpersonal relationships, and tolerate life’s challenges. These two modalities of self realization helped me to move through my feelings of low self esteem, anxiety, and shame… to a state of liking myself! This is what I want to share with you.

Moving towards YOU through emotional and physical mindfulness:
I believe that we all want to feel connected to ourselves and to others and to be heard and be seen and to feel we matter and have choices in how we respond to situations. I believe experiences happen in our lives that HIJACK us from being able to Connect and to Move Forward; leaving us feeling anxious, depressed, emotionally reactive and stuck. The work that I do is mind/body centered and client collaborative; working to achieve goals that clients and I have developed together. Through emotional and physical mindfulness, you can EXPERIENCE A SENSE OF BALANCE AND PEACE. From that place choices in how you respond, and how you want to be in the world, become available.